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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a gentle and profound body work modality which addresses the whole person. Sessions are an invitation for the client to gain awareness of their physicality and increase their embodied, integrated sense of self. When someone is unwell, or has suffered long periods of stress, symptoms related to patterns of disturbance in the body, mind and emotions become manifest. BCST addresses these patterns and supports the client’s capacity to restore a healthier balance and ease in their physical and emotional selves. The therapy works through relational touch with the fine-tuned listening skills of the hands of the therapist. This is supported by verbal dialogue as client and therapist track the bodily sensations that emerge. Increased integration and awareness through the support of the therapeutic/relational touch, is a powerful way to restore the body’s capacity to self-repair. Treatments are beneficial for a wide range of issues including stress-related conditions, muscular skeletal issues, persistent pain, anxiety, recovering from surgery, PTSD, sleep and digestive disorders. 

In a session you remain fully clothed and are invited to lie on a couch, though occasionally  we work sitting or standing, or with slow movement if more suitable to your needs. I make gentle hands on contact and together we notice the sensations which emerge. Treatments can be relaxing as well as being a place for more intense, challenging experiences. Change manifests in individual ways and requires a balance of safety, tranquillity and challenge. 

BCST allows the process of change and healing to take place by meeting your body at its own pace. The number of treatments required will depend from person to person and is something we will discuss during the first session. 


Marina is a registered member of the CSTA, the UK governing body for craniosacral therapy.

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